Cleaning precious stones (agate, onyx etc.):

Ideally to clean precious stones is to use a dry cloth and if necessary use a very soft bristle brush to remove any dirt that the stone may have.

Another option is to use a clean, soft cloth dampened with water, but the stone could absorb moisture easily so this is the best way to clean only take place if the stone is very dirty.

How to clean silver

LOOK LIMIT recommends cleaning the pieces of silver with a silver cleaning cloth (In our shop you can provide the) and gently rub the piece to remove dirt and polishing. The jewel gets lost the brightness that is as new and cleanly without damaging other components of the piece as gemstones.

How to clean stainless steel

The stainless steel jewelry has many qualities, is a stylish, durable material and will not rust or dull, and is also easy to clean, enough to wipe with a soft, dry cloth only when this filthy piece moistened with a little clean crystals. Always bear in mind if the gem has other components as gemstones as this may damage them.

Tips on caring for your jewelry LOOK LIMIT:

  • Do not use any chemicals, soap or detergent to clean them.
  • If the jewelry is gemstone combined with other material, clean it as if it were all stone.
  • Do not use cloths to polish the stone.
  • Always put your LOOK LIMIT jewelry after you have applied the makeup, hair spray or perfume as they may damage them.
  • Do not perform cleaning or swim with gemstone jewelry.
  • To save it is best to keep them in their original box or wrap them in velvet or soft cloth to shield her from possible frictions, scratching and shock.