Measures bracelets:

In each of a size corresponding bracelets LOOK LIMIT appears. The measure contained in cm corresponds to the perimeter of the wrist. To verify that size corresponds you must measure your wrist.

Measuring your wrist can make it in several ways:

1. Using a tape measure: surround yourself with ribbon wrist up to the bone and measuring the length of your wrist in centimeters. Remember to take a measure loosely but will not play.

2. If you do not have a tape measure, find a rope or a piece of non-elastic, surround yourself with the wrist bone height, the ends together and take it to the same rope superimposing a rule. Again remember to take a measure loosely but will not play.

After measuring your wrist, make sure you size corresponds to the measures listed in Article chosen.

Necklaces measures:

For each necklaces necklace full extent LOOK LIMIT appears.

To find out what size you measure your neck corresponds in the same manner explained above, to choose the right size.