LOOK LIMIT By NIKA STONE is a young and innovative brand of jewelry and exclusive accessories, ​​with a modern, elegant and with a point Rebel for women and men that want to be unique.

We select premium materials such as sterling silver, stainless steel, precious stones, feathers and leather, to design unique pieces designed to combine with each other and take both day and night in all your outfits.

We care the most of the presentation of our products with modern and stylish cases to always offer the best picture.

Best of the best style, so all designs LOOK LIMIT out for its own unique style.

Our designs are endless imagination to create the perfect piece of jewelry or accessory, attention to detail for maximum quality and design go together.

In our firm you will find jewelry for women and for men, most of them being unisex, because ultimately you decide who you are.

All the materials used to create the collections LOOK LIMIT By NIKA STONE come from fair and sustainable trade. The natural feathers are (Ecologic Friendly - Cruelty Free) obtained from the natural molting of the birds.

We create all our products handmade, ​​developing one by one each design, from the first sketch to the packaging of the piece.
LOOK LIMIT in constant innovation and looking to the future.